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2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1999/5/25-27 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:15874 Activity:high
5/25    Does anyone know any good (and preferrably free) x-server for
        Win 95/NT?
        \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
           it's free and the whole thing can fit on a floppy.  I haven't
           used it, but have heard good things about it.
           \_ an X server VNC is not.  But its still pretty cool. -ERic
           \_ Hilarious, slow, crashes really creatively (even for me) -John
                \_ Use 8 bit graphics and stop trying to play netrek over it.
                   If the server is a unix box, it works great, the NT server
                   puts a huge cpu load on the host due to lack of open NT
                   source leading to much guessing on the developer's part.
                   Crashing?  RTFM, John.  NT has multiple screen modes.
        \_ I dont know how good it is but here's a free one:
        \_ Exceed from Hummingbird, but it costs $
                \_ it's free on campus/to students
                        \_ anon ftp
                           \_ depot has 6.x versions online which are pretty
                              much the same as 5.x but cleaned up a bit.  More
                              of a 5.2 than a 6.1 but I'm not working in the
                              Hummingbird marketting department.
        \_ X-Win32, available from  -- yuen
2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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12/5    I suggest CSUA buy a Mac and run MacOS on it. Maybe run Linux in
        a VM, too. I think students will get more bang for their buck
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           \_ I just tried ssh from a Solaris machine to soda and I got "ssh:
              connect to host port 22: Connection
              refused".  I tried both with and without the "-2" option.  Now if
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Port 80 References 1.
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I have tried other X11 clients but they were very cumbersome. It was whole new feeling when the X programs came up in Windows.
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