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2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1999/2/1-3 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:15337 Activity:very high
2/1     I'm looking for a terrorist organization to join so that I can become
        a rabid protransit freak and blow up BART so that it can be replaced
        by something decent.  Any suggestions?                  -lila
        \_ BAMN, CalPIRG, CSUA...
           \_ SAS, ASUC...
              \_ AUA, CSA, AAA...
                            \_ a-a-a-a!  -militant kirby
                                \_ urg nig!  rugga grf  -militant furby
        \_ BART needs a dozen RAF-style assaults. I am starting a cell.
           Muni is beyond salvation.
                \_ I'll join.  I have the whole unshaven militant eurotrash
                   terrorist thing going...  -John
        \_ You think BART's not decent?  Wait till you try Muni.  They *often*
           stop their trains 28 blocks away (20th Ave.) from the destination
           (48th Ave.) without any advance notice, and tell you to wait for
           the next train in an unlit neighborhood.
           \_ i was comparing BART to decent rail transit, not MUNI.  neither
              system is really decent, despite being a whole hell of a lot
              better than public transit in most places in this country.
        \_ It's better than anything they have down in L.A.
           \_ exactly...if you're from the west coast of the U.S., you
              probably wouldn't know a working transit system if it bit
              you in the ass.  that someone would even bother comparing
              one shitty pathetic california transit system to another
              illustrates this.
        \_ komiteh@csua is recruiting. please mail resume and references.
           admission is competitive, so please only apply if komiteh if you
           feel you will meet our rigorous selection criteria. -ali.
         \_ Where do I list giving oral sex in my resume;
                skills or objective? --monica l.
                \_ Interests.
                        \-Hobbies --psb
                                \_ Extracurricular activities.
                                   \_ Political activities.
                                      \_ profession
                                        \_ She didn't get paid.
                                           \_ She didn't get laid either.  "No
                                              pay, no lay."
        \_ Ha ha, ours works.  -John
2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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