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2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1998/8/13 [Recreation/Dating, Computer, Recreation/Food] UID:14452 Activity:nil
8/11    This is a question for a friend. Does academic probation show up
        anywhere on your records (especially transcript)? Can anyone
        (eg. companies) easily find out if you have been on AP or not?
        \_ Yes, it does, so if they have your transcript, yes, they can.
        \_ I don't think it does. However, the rotten grades that got you
           there will be so what's the difference? --dim
           \_ It does (like I just said in the response above, gee), trust
              me.  I was on AP for one semester, and the fact that I had
              entered/left AP was clearly noted on my official transcript,
              just below my grades for the semester -- Someone Who's Been There
              \_ I have seen the transcript of someone who was on AP (and
                 who also withdrew) and only the withdrawal was evident.
                 However, it was an "unofficial" transcript. Does that
                 matter? Also, like I said, the grades aren't going
                 anywhere so what difference does it make really? --dim
        \_ I think the actual quote is "Dismissed `date`" or something
           like that.
                \_ Most people on AP aren't dismissed - only the losers,
                   but AP shows up on your official UCB transcript either way.
           \_ So you are sure it shows up. I am confused.
           \_ No more coffee for this person.
        \_ Do companies actually want to see your transcript? I have never
           heard of such a thing, though some want your GPA.
           \_ I've been asked for my GPA.  Good sign you may not want to work
           \_ A couple big companies have asked for mine.
           \_ hell, i've seen some ask for SAT scores.
           \_ Apologies for the formatting below... -mogul
           \_ If they do, it's an indication that they don't have a clue what
              kind of person they are looking for.  GPA is not a measurement of
              success in the work place.
              \_ Im sorry, but there *is* a correlation.  It's not perfect,
                 but it is important enough to ask for.  I know there are
                 alot of "sucessful" programmers or whatever who flunked
                 out/dropped out of school, but as a first screen, you probably
                 want to know about grades.   I mean we are talking about
                 being a corporate stooge, so what do you expect them to
                 ask for : ``Only apply if you are a motivated self-starter?''
                 Oh, they do that too. Sorry.
                \_ Isn't the purpose of having an interview to find such
                   information about person.  I took an interview course and
                   it taught various techniques to find out certain quality
                   of a person.
                        \_ Oh. I thought the purpose to check out that chick.
                \_ Yes, you're sorry.  Why bother interviewing if they're only
                   collecting information you could have emailed or told a
                   secretary over the phone?  There is no correlation.  GPA is
                   not important.  As a first screen, you'll miss out on the
                   true talent who spent their time in front of a computer
                   instead of kissing BH's fat ass, eating potstickers.  There
                   _is_ a direct correlation between ass kissing, potsticker
                   eating and your GPA, but this says absolutely nothing about
                   your potential contribution to an employer.

Boredcast Message from 'aaron': Tue Oct 17 00:11:43 1995

get this
a company i sent mail to replied wanting the answers to two questions:
"what are you doing now? graduated? vacation?" and the kicker -
"what was your GPA?"

i have half a mind to reply only with "it's 3.2, but we have a saying
in computer science here at cal: 'if they want to know your GPA, you
don't want to work for them.'"

        \_ Since you obviously don't want to work for them, you might as well.
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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