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2021/10/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

1998/4/30 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:14022 Activity:insanely high
4/30    So everything I saw in "Joy Luck Club" is true.  I just read
        the DailyCal today about "Asian Women Speak Up".
                \_ for those of us outside of no cal, what did it say?
                   \_ That doesn't have to stop you:
        \_ Good thing that you didn't sign your name, otherwise the "Asian
           Male Underground" would have to come by and work you over just
           like you were the men's bathroom in the basement of Dwinelle.
                \_ Clearly, one of us has a poor command of the English
                language. I take it correct usage of the English language
                is not a requirement for "Asian Male Underground."
                \_ And exactly what was gramatically incorrect with
                his statement, twink?
                 \_ Read it again with your second grade teacher nearby.
              of the windshield cause, OH WHAT A TURN ON!
                    She'll help you spot the difficulty and work on your
                    trouble areas.  She understands the special needs that
                    FOB students have.
                    \_ still don't see it
           \_ Yes, don't they do just the most fabulous work!? The AMU
              members have such a good eye; I think they should all be in
              either fashon design or interior design and ohmygod they are
              so-o-o hard and tough I just wanna take 'em home to mamma,
              they're so CUTE! Do you think they'll like me if I get a
              black Accura Integra with an <Oakland> decal across the top
              of the windshield cause, OH LORD WHAT A TURN ON! YES!!!
                \_ I have to say that you have a good eye. Nothing turns
           slightly abnormal behaviors people have mentioned above.
                me on more than the site of some Asian boy in a really
                expensive car his parents bought for him. I wonder if
                their mothers wipe their asses after they go to the
                \_ No.  Mom is there with the enema bag so they don't risk
                   falling in unsupervised.
        \_ Asian men have small penises in general.  this leads to the
           slightly abnormal behaviors people have mentioned above. -tom
           \_ cmlee, don't fucking sign my name to shit you write.  Not
              that you don't have a small penis.  -tom
        \_ No, it ignored a key "Joy Luck Club" component: _ALL_ immigrant
           Chinese mothers have to be suppressing some horribly traumatic
           incident in their past, like drowning their children, or watching
           _their_ mothers kill themselves after becoming somebody's concubine,
           or leaving behind a set of twins while fleeing from the Japanese
           during WWII.  The article didn't say _anything_ about that.
                \_ Part II, next week.
        \_ It's good to know that soda is still full of a bunch of fucking
        idiotic racist twinks who don't have the balls to sign what they
        write.  It's funny to realize how far exactly that white-trash
        mentality will get you in life, even if you're just a bunch of closet
        retards.                                  - mlee
        \_ Everyone is a racist one way or another. People in the 80s and 90s
           tend not to display their racism, that's all.
           P.S. tom is a true racist...
        \_ I dare you to come and say such racist things to my face,
           asshole - android
           \_ why the the image of achoi trying to threaten people
              make me smile? -aspo
2021/10/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2008/4/11-16 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:49735 Activity:moderate
4/11    Did Obama just shoot himself in the foot? I am an Obama supporter,
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        \_ Oh bullshit.  You are not an Obama supporter and everyone knows it.
           \_ No, I really am an Obama supporter. I even voted for him in
              the primaries.
2008/3/22-25 [Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:49536 Activity:nil
3/21    Jack Lalanne: How to be happy (from the 50's)
        People have been saying (what we now call hippie stuff) for a while
        \_ is he gay? as in queer homosexual gay? he's emitting a lot
           of gay signals, but then again, my gaydar is pretty weak.
           \_ Despite being born in SF to French immigrant parents, apparently
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2/25    Hey tom, how did you ever become such a fan of big government
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        \_ hey anonymous coward, fuck off.  -tom
           \_ by any chance are you an illegal immigrant sympathizer?
              \_ and why do you hate america?
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Yes, I think that the student government is very important. Vote Last week's poll results How do you feel about the outcome of the Fulbright Fellowship problem? Id like to know if the people who write them had an especially horrific time in high school, and these films are just ways of glamorizing a time that most people would never choose to relive. That being said, there are exceptions, certain films that manage to capture the wasteland that is teenage reality: The Breakfast Club.