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2020/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/4/4-5 [Finance/Banking] UID:13006 Activity:low 60%like:13003
4/3     Set your clocks back 1 hour tonight.
        \_ Funny thing.  My work's buggy software saved me from missing my
           church job this morning.  I have a nagios monitor on a service
           that checks for a random bug in our software, but only have it
           notify me after 7 am.  One machine tripped the bug last night.
           I got the page at... 6am?  OH SHIT!  THAT'S RIGHT!  Thank god for
           buggy code.  --scotsman
        \_ Ahead.  Spring forward!
        \_ maybe someday this will stop pissing me off, but damn i fucking
           hate daiylight savings.  it's like stamp prices.  i don't give a
           shit whether stamps cost 0.59$ or 0.33$ i just don't want to have
           to go to the fucking post office all the time to upgrade to the next
           generation of stamps that's two pennies more expensive.  i don't
           give a shit whether the sun goes down at what the government says
           is 3 pm or what the government says is 9 pm, i just don't want the
           fucking hassle of dealing with this shit twice a year.  I wish
           stamps cost a dollar exactly and that the whole U.S. was on a single
           time zone all the time. i'm ready to stick it to
           the man over this one.  who's with me?
           \_ Suck it up, punk.  If changing a clock or the changing price of
              stamps gets you this riled you must be living easy.
           \_ Sounds like you would like China.  All one time zone.  No
              Daylight Saving (not savings) time.  Western China is the
              same time zone as Beijing.  It's like San Francisco being on
              the same time zone as Maine.  So in the middle of winter the
              sun doesn't come up till like 11am.  And when you cross the
              border with Afghanstan, it's a 3.5 hour time change.
              \_ Daylight Savings is a valid synonym.
           \_ Somebody missed their nappy nap time....
           \_ uh yeah dst sucks. the stamp thing doesn't bother me as much as
              the fact that they allow bulk junkmail spammers at what must be
              a very cheap rate. at my apartment building there's a huge mass
              of junkmail that gets thrown away every week in a big bin. Spam
              sent directly to me is one thing, but the "bomb the neighborhood"
              mailings piss me off. you know what else pisses me off? i could
              rant about the tax system now but i should have been asleep 4
              hours ago.
                \_ Yeah, that pisses me off too about the bulk snail-mail.
        \_ Why? Isn't that what xntpd is for?
           \_ there are many non internet enabled clocks out there.
              \_ What???  What the hell are you talking about??
              \_ It was a joke.
        \_ I actually HATE *STANDARD* time. I much prefer to see one extra
           hour of daylight in the evening since I almost never wake early
           enough to catch up the sun rise.
        \_ I hate when people use PDT during standard time or PST during
           daylight time, as if it makes no difference.  These people
           should just use PT.  It may be ambiguous, but at least it won't
           be wrong.  I mean in places like Indiana (where part of the state
           uses daylight time and part doesn't), it would seem very important
           to specify D or S correctly.  I wonder if the people there are as
           careless about the distinction as the people everywhere else.
           \_ Would you actually get confused when someone misuses this?  That
              seems rather silly.  Have you ever seen someone use S during
              the D period and actually mean it?  Indiana, Arizona, or China?
2020/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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