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2019/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/4/1-2 [Science/Biology] UID:12969 Activity:low
4/1     HAHAHAHAHA OOPS.  Another Darwin award winner:
        \_ he didn't kill himself.
           \_ Okay, potential Darwin award nominee then.
           \_ The article says she attacked his testicles.  If he can't
              reproduce, he's a legitimate candiate.
        \_ At least his mind was cool enough to stop and ask, instead of
           overwhalmed by the consensual sex he thought he was about the get
           and went ahead and raped the woman anyway.
           \_ Yeah, he's not that dumb/evil.  He made a simple mistake under
              highly unusual and salacious circumstances.
2019/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2009/2/12-16 [Science/Biology] UID:52561 Activity:low
2/12    Happy Darwin Day!
        \_ To you as well, Cousin Monkey!
           \_ If you really think about it, we're monkey cousins even
              with creationism.  We're all "children of God" so to
              speak, if you accept that we're all living creatures.
                \_ Creationists don't think that way.
2008/4/21-5/2 [Science/Biology] UID:49796 Activity:nil
4/21    If he shot himself in the nuts, can we put him up for a Darwin award?
        \_ Yes, I believe the Darwin awards count self-sterilizers as
           canidates if they don't already have children.  This guy failed
           though.  On the other hand, he did try to flee from the police
           on foot with a bullet wound in the gut.  Tough!
2008/4/14-19 [Recreation/Activities, Science/Biology] UID:49746 Activity:nil
4/14     'World peace' hitcher is murdered
        She had said she wanted to show that she could put her trust in
        the kindness of local people.
        \_ "Think of it as evolution in action."
          \_ is she up for a Darwin award yet?
2007/10/19-24 [Science/Biology] UID:48390 Activity:kinda low
10/19   Watson's brilliant, simply brilliant. Just as Darwin did not want to
        publish his theory of evolution until he was almost dead, old
        Watson comes out of the closet and says something controversial.
        Moral of the story: if you have a controversial theory that
        you're absolutely convinced is a correct one, say it right before
        you die. Afterall, no one says anything bad at your eulogy.
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LOS ANGELES, California Reuters - A California man has pleaded guilty to residential burglary after he set up a meeting with a woman on a rape fantasy Internet chat page, but instead broke into a different womans apartment. Michael Todd Howard, 35, pleaded guilty in a court in San Diego Tuesday in return for an expected sentence of one year in jail and probation, prosecutors said. According to court documents, last September, Howard broke into the home of a woman with whom he thought he had set up an encounter on what was described as a rape fantasy chat site. After he entered the wrong apartment, he hit and struggled with the 25-year-old woman inside, who told law enforcement officials she thought she was going to be killed. The victim stopped the attack by yelling and attacking Howards testicles. Howard then asked for the name the victim used in the chat room and she responded by saying she had never visited a chat room and did not have a personal computer. As a part of the plea deal, prosecutors dropped charges of intent to commit rape, false imprisonment and possession of illegal drugs.