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2004/3/25-26 [Uncategorized] UID:12853 Activity:low
3/25    Check out the picture on the bottom of the article.  If your kid looks
        like this, DO NOT under any circumstance take them to McDonalds!
        \_ huh?  what article?  did you post the right link?
           \_ Fixed it.
        \_ Holy shit. Amen dude...
        \_ Yikes, could I have that mu-mu super-sized, please?
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US fast food giant McDonalds is to launch a range of childrens clothing in North America and western Europe. The McKids range will be designed, made and distributed by Chinese firm Shanghai Longtrust Trade. The products will initially go on sale in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South Korea, before reaching Europe, Japan and North America next year. The McKids line of products will also include toys, videos, DVDs and books. The deal with Longtrust comes after the trialling of McKids clothing products in stores in Shanghai and Indonesia. Health concerns The initiative was launched in November 2003, when a new retail line featuring action toys, casual clothing and interactive books and videos was announced. In a statement McDonalds said the clothing is intended to offer quality fabrics in styles that will endure season after season. Larry Light, McDonalds global chief marketing officer, said the move exemplified a new thinking. The McDonalds brand has been under fire by healthy-eating groups questioning the merits of eating fast food. The company has recently unveiled a new range of health-style alternatives to the traditional Big Mac. It has also been introducing meal-size salads, a side salad, fresh apples and a burger made from Quorn.