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2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/3/5-6 [Academia, Academia/GradSchool] UID:12535 Activity:high
3/5     Are scholarships that are offered to certain racial groups
        legal? If you open up an offer such as this to the public,
        shouldn't it be made available to everyone?
        \_ Private scholarships can be given to whoever they want.  You have
           a constitutionally-protected right to be a racist.
        \_ Yes if it's not for whites.
           \- there was an east coast school that had a white only scholarship
              but it was a disingenuous thing to either get into court or
              just get coverage. --psb
              \_ anything that doesn't fit your worldview is just a stunt,
                 huh?  how very open minded of you.
                 \_ That what they say they are trying to do - get
                    people to think about race-based scholarships. -!psb
           \_ There are a couple tiny funds run by white supremacist orgs.
                    \- it wasnt a stunt, it was a calculated decision.
                       unclear whether the reason was publicity or legal
                       standing, but the persons setting up the scholarship
                       didnt really even deny that. --psb
                       \_ let's grant for a moment that it was a stunt, why do
                          you think they felt this stunt was necessary?  is it
                          simply that they are just hateful racist or is there
                          something more to it.
                          \_ it is likely that they are trying to convince
                             themselves that whites are the oppressed race,
                             despite all evidence to the contrary.
2021/06/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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