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2019/07/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/2/11-12 [Uncategorized] UID:12226 Activity:nil
2/11    Howdy, my brother Todd will be reading from his new collection of
        poetry in New York city on the 18th.  Drop me an email if you're
        interested and I'll send you the specifics. - dans
        \_ Will this be better than the last poetry slam at the berkeley
           public library?
           \_ Yes.
        \_ How many artist brothers do you have?
           \_ I have three siblings.  My eldest brother Todd is a poet in New
              York, my elder brother Brad is a painter in San Francisco, and
              my younger sister is a former olympic-class ice dancer (now
              retired) currently attending Cornell. -dans
              \_ ice dancer?  got pics?
                 \_ Google you pervy moron. -dans
                    \_ She's cute in a Sarah Silverman sort of way, but is
                       she as raunchy and humorous?
                       \_ Who's Sarah Silverman (I don't care enough to bother
                          googling)?  Have you ever met me?  If I am
                          sufficiently raunchy and humorous, then yes.  It
                          runs in the family. -dans
                          \_ Raunchy?  I guess, but in a trying way too hard
                             kind of way.  Humorous?  Only if you find jerks
                             \_ You'd do well not to confuse folks who are
                                trying to hard with folks who genuinely don't
                                care if they offend you.  As justification for
                                being a jerk, all I can say in my defense is
                                you did something to deserve it, and
                                belligerency is the underappreciated artform of
                                our time. -dans
              \_ Huh. So are those brothers able to make a living at just art?
                 \_ Nope.  Both are working on it. (TM)
                    \_ Ok, that confirms my cynical worldview, thanks. I bet
                       your parents wish they were lawyers.