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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/1/10-11 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Korea, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:11738 Activity:nil
1/9     Finished Medal of Honor Rising Sun. Graphics is definitely better than
        the first one. However, the storyline sucked. They should have made
        the last round relating to atomic bomb (bombadier, gunner on B-29,
        etc). Also it's so stupid that they had to kill every single Asian
        guy, even the good ones working for U.S. (Tanaka). It's like that
        movie Anti-Trust and other Hollywood movies-- you must kill all Asian
        men, good or bad.
        \_ Feeling a bit emasculated as an asian male, are you?  This reminds
           me of the time I was walking behind these two asian dudes right
           after brandon lee killed himself and they were talking in a very
           serious way how his death and bruce's death only goes to prove
           there is a whitey conspiracy to demasculinise the asian male.
           I love you guys.  BTW, are you a Hoyt Sze fan?  Maybe his younger
           cousin or something?
                \_ After he killed himself?  He was accidentally shot during
                   the making of the Crow.
                \_ definitely. The white culture is all about domination of
                   the weaker race, subduing their power and dignity and
                   taking away all the other women. Look at all the
                   Westernized colonies and Asia in general. They're mostly
                   puppet states and are really owned and influenced and in
                   some cases controlled by Westerners. The Japanese should
                   have won and taken Asia back. Oh, and N Korea rewls, they
                   have a lot of guts to stand up against the Western
                   bullies-- they will not be the last one to do so.
                   \_ It's times like this when it's a little tricky to sort
                      the trolls from the psycho idiots.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           \_ just decided it wasn't worth arguing with y'all
              \_ it's ok you'll just be marginalized and then forgotten
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        \_ Fifteen years ago I worked there for seven months.  I miss Japan!
           (I'm Chinese immigrant.)  More facts:
           - Besides cold drinks, vending machines also carry hot drinks like
             hot tea and corn soup.  And they are actually hot instead of warm.
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8/29    OC turning liberal, maybe there is hope for CA afterall:
        \_ and the state is slowly turning conservative. Meg 2010!
           \_ We will see. Seems unlikely.
        \_ Yeah, because CA sure has a problem with not enough dems in power!
           If only dems had been running the state for the last 40 years!
2009/12/7-2010/1/3 [Politics/Foreign/Europe, Health/Women] UID:53577 Activity:low
12/5    Miss France is very good looking:
        \_ she has a hook nose and face is a bit too V shaped.  Body is ok.
           I mean lets look at the sample pool of 20 something EU:
        \_ French women in general are good looking, so Miss France is probably