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2004/1/9-10 [Recreation/Activities] UID:11726 Activity:moderate
1/8     Having living in the BA most of my life and never travel to
        cold places, I need some advice on what kind of clothing I
        need to buy if I plan to travel to Quebec this month?
        \_ I bought a thermal long-sleeved t-shirt.  I've also had some
           silk longjohns which work wonders.  -John
        \_ good jacket, gloves, thing to cover your head, thermal underwear,
           snow boots
           \-TNF Baltoro Jacket: To Everest and back ...
           \_ Any recommendations on particular brands and where to get
                \_ Dupont Thermax Thermal is incredible. A tiny light piece
                   of top+bottom underwear offers the same warmth as a thick
                   jacket. They're not cheap, but totally worth it. If you
                   want a super warm thermal, get Patagonia R.5. $75 a piece.
              \_ not really.  What about REI/Walmart/Target/Sportsmart/North
        \_ why do you think Quebec is worth a trip?
              \_ Uh, no.  It's the Carnival:
        \_ NorthFace goretex and a windproof liner. They make the liners
           with differing warmths, so you can zip in a liner for the
           appropriate weather. Without the liner, you can still use the
           jacket for wet weather (like nowadays). When it snows, the snow
           won't accumulate on your jacket which is kinda nice. And with
           global warming, you might have rain or sleet in Canada. You can
           can combine goretext pants with your jacket and use it for
           skiing...very versatile.
           \- you know i like the jacket/layering too, but if it is ass
              cold, there is nothing like a fleece and thick down jacket.
              these walking sleeping bag jackets arent as functional,
              waterproof etc, but they warm up a hell of a lot faster than
              other things. --psb
              \_ The motd purveyor of outdoor gear knowledge for geeks who will
                 mostly use their stuff in town speaks a little sense! Exactly!
                 The same gear somebody wore on an Everest ascent or for six
                 days in the Sierra backwoods is not necessarily the best
                 choice for walking from your front door out to your car in
                 Milwaukee or, for that matter, Manhattan. Your best bet is to
                 ask somebody local to that area, maybe? One of your future
                 coworkers/neighbors perhaps?
        \_ One thing that I would highly suggest is a good pair of
           waterproof shoes or boots.  If there's snow on the ground, you'd
           be pretty miserable with damp or wet feet.  I also got some nice
           thick socks (I got Thorlos, but you don't have to spend that
           much money) that I used while I was in Beijing last year. -chaos
           \_ Seconded.  I grew up on the East Coast, and the only thing that
              really makes life bearable in winter is warm, dry toes. (Well,
              sure, a good sweater, a thick jacket, warm gloves, and a warm
              beanie also contribute, but don't skimp on the boots!)
           \_ Thirded. I love my Vasque boots (lined with goretex). Keeps
              my feet dry, but not sweaty. Good in the bay area, or out
              east during winter. Plus, they last forever - 21 mos and
              counting. About $200 @ REI.
              \_ Do you hike in the bay area with them?  Aren't they too
                 \_ Yes, I hike, walk around town, etc. They are actually
                    a little smaller than my original vasque boots (these
                    are the leather chestnut brown version). Once you
                    brush the dust off and reshine them, I've even used
                    them for some casual job interviews.
           \_ 4th'ed. i also lived exclusively in NoCal,SoCal&LoCal before
           appropriate weather.
              heading out to Minnesota. the locals in Minnesota suggested
              Soreal boots to keep the toes warm&dry when the temperature
              goes below 0F (or ice-fishing on a frozen lake.)
        \_ don't forget about something warm for your head, and maybe
           something for your ears, or a scarf if that's your style.
2022/05/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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