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2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/24-25 [Health/Disease/General] UID:11581 Activity:low
        First case of mad cow disease found in the US.  This is a Bad Thing.
        Anyone who read Fast Food Nation should not be in the least bit
        surprised by this.
        \_ Only the brain, spinal cord, and lower part of the intestine of the
           infected cow are discarded.  The rest still entered the food supply!
           \_ Actually the inected parts were "rendered" which means they
              go back into the beef food supply. There is no way that BSE
              can occur in just one cow. This isn't isolated
        \_ "MOOOOOOOH!!!"  "Ack, it's atacking me!"  "MOOOH MOOH MOOH!"  "..."
        \_ buy EMRG, ICGE
           \_ acronym explanationP
                \_ search on yahoo finance.  Fuck and I bought ICGE at 0.44.
                  \_ Blackboard IPO announcement soon.
        \_ Time to STOP feeding cows with left-over cow parts.
        \_ I love that the administration felt the need to let everyone know
           that there wasn't a terrorist link.  Can't you jsut imagine those
           evil Arabs sneaking around Washington feeding cows slabs of beef?
           \_ Idiot.  All you'd have to do with walk around a farm with crap
              on your shoes from an infected UK farm.  What is it about the
              motd that brings out the most truly ignorant people to rant the
              loudest about things they know less than nothing about in such
              a self righteous way?
              \_ You'd actually have to have quite a quantity of BSE agent
                (usually brain tissue with enough prions in it) and feed it
                to the cow to cause BSE. BSE isn't spread through contact,
        \_ they should have stopped feeding cows with left-over cow parts.
                but through heavy ingestion of the prion. In reality, BSE
                isn't that easy to spread, but the problem is that it takes
                literally years for the first symptoms to appear, so most
                likely what has been happening is that cowfeed contains
                cow, which contains trace amounts of BSE. Since cows are
                being continually fed cows the BSE builds up, and then you
                reach a critical point and you have whole herds with BSE.
                Before you start calling people idiots perhaps it would be
                prudent if you actually studied the biochemistry of BSE.
              \_ That's not how MAD COW spreads. Perhaps you have it confused
                 with hoof&mouth disease?
              \_ Evil Arabs With Muddy Shoes!
2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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WASHINGTON CNN - The first apparent case of mad cow disease in the United States has been discovered, the United States Department of Agriculture said Tuesday. Two tests have been carried out on meat from the cow, enabling Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman to call the case a presumptive positive. A sample is being flown to England for a third test to confirm the case. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE, is linked to a similar form of the incurable and fatal brain-wasting disease in humans, called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, or vCJD. There have been a small number of cases of vCJD reported worldwide, primarily in the United Kingdom, in people who ate BSE-contaminated meat. Within hours of the announcement, an official with Japans agriculture ministry told CNN that his country would ban imports of United States beef. South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore all followed suit Wednesday. United States officials believe that meat from the animal left a processing plant, Veneman said, and an investigation is under way to determine if any has reached store shelves. However, that does not mean the public is in danger, Veneman said. One important thing to remember is that muscle cuts of meat have almost no risk, Veneman said, emphasizing that the disease is typically spread by consumption of brain or nerve tissue, which did not enter the food system. I know of no science to show that you can transmit BSE from muscle cuts of meat. The sick animal came from a farm in Mabton, Washington, about 40 miles southeast of Yakima. It was a so-called downer animal, meaning it was unable to walk when it reached the slaughterhouse, which under USDA rules triggers automatic testing. While this would represent the first finding of BSE in the United States we have worked hard to ensure our response is swift and effective, she said. Separate rounds of tests, including what Veneman termed the gold standard procedure for detecting BSE, done at a USDA facility in Ames, Iowa, led her to term the case presumptive positive for BSE. The sample was being flown by military aircraft to the United Kingdom for a final round of testing, Veneman said. White House Spokesman Jim Morrell says President Bush, who is at Camp David, was briefed by Veneman before the public announcement. Mad cow disease first appeared in the United Kingdom in the mid-1980s and resulted in the slaughter of millions of cattle. BSE spread across the European cattle industry after it first developed in the UK in the mid-1980s, but the first case in North America appeared in the Canadian province of Alberta in May. Eighteen farms were quarantined, but no additional cases were discovered. The infectious agent takes at least six to eight years to cause symptoms in cows. BSE is spread only by the consumption of infected feed and is not transmitted from cow to cow. Its an important point to make that the disease is difficult to spread, said Steve Lyle, director of Public Affairs for the California Department of Food and Agriculture. A critic of cattle industry safety standards said the current case is likely the tip of an invisible iceberg. There are more cases, no doubt about it, said John Stauber, author of Mad Cow, USA. Accusing Veneman of underplaying the severity of Tuesdays finding, Stauber said the fact it took so long to find a case only underscores a weakness in the testing system. In Europe and Britain, they test virtually every beef animal for mad cow, Stauber said. The National Cattlemens Beef Association promised to support aggressive steps to eliminate any trace of BSE from the United States cattle population, and said the system had worked in tracking down the case in Washington state. Consumers should continue to eat beef with confidence, the NCBA said in a statement. All scientific studies show that the BSE infectious agent has never been found in beef muscle meat or milk and United States beef remains safe to eat. A spokesman promised a vigorous campaign to reassure the public, saying We will be on this like white on rice, the next few days.
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