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2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/24 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Reference/Military] UID:11579 Activity:high
12/23   Regards to Nurenberg Trial.  Nurenberg is just an instrument for
        the victors to humilate and extract values from the defeated enemy.
        This is why none of the Allie forces ever got tried for the atrocity
        they commited.  This includes looting of Nazi treasury and art
        collection (which still sits in the National Archive in Washingon DC),
        as well as  includes nuclear bombing, fire bombing,
        and all the carpet bombing we performed on civilians.

        This is also the reason why some of the Nazi units, noticebly the
        African Corp and the Nazi Navy, who fought the war with extremely
        high degree of professionalism, also got tried and convicted by
        the Nurenberg.

        This is also the reason why Emporer of Japan, who ultimately
        started the Asian front of World War 2, didn't get tried as a
        war criminal.  Ridiculously, last emperor of China was tried
        as a war criminal for being a puppet of Japanese Empire.

        Then, there is the story of Unit 731 of Japanese Army, who used
        civilians and POWs to test chemical/biological weapon.None of them
        were even tried because they made a deal with USA.  In exchange for
        their freedom, they gave USA  the test results of these chemical/
        biological weapon experiments using human subjects.

        There is nothing perplex about Nurenberg once you accept the fact
        that it is nothing more than instruement to enhance US and British
        interest.   If you try to think in the line of administering justice,
        then you will have serious problems.
                        -- a Chinese who has no sympathy toward Japan,
                           but still think nuclear bombing is wrong.
        \_ To the victor, go the spoils.  So fucking what?  And as far as
           American still thinking of China as a subject state, again, so
           fucking what?  If it was the other way around, the Chinese wouldn't
           be sitting around wondering how they can sell us more Big Macs.
           They'd have destroyed our country and our children right through
           college would be learning about how the Great Leader Mao saved us
           from our Imperalist Oppressors and it only cost us DC, LA, and
           Chicago, but hey they were all bastions of evil capitalists anyway.
           Take your Chinese troll to some place that gives a shit.  When
           you're a citizen you can vote and then your opinion will matter
           to someone.  Or you can go home and vote there, but, oh no, wait,
           sorry, you can't vote there.  No one can vote there.
           \_ Of course you can vote there, moron!  You can vote "yes" or
           \_ Yes you can vote there, moron!  You can vote "yes" or "yes".
        \_ Can you elaborate on the Nazi units with extremely high degree of
           professionalism part?  Thx.
                \_ think he means no rampage of killing, no sniper, no
                   sabotage, etc, that they fought according to the book &
                   followed the Geneva Convention of treating US soldiers
                   with respect.
                   \_ Heh.  Snipers are unprofessional now?
                      Are you on crack?  Should we go back to the civil war
                      era of gentleman wars where people marched around in
                      tightly packed formations, and targetting officers
                   with respect.
                      was considered poor sportsmanship?  wtf
        \_ Frankly as an American with both of my grandfather's fighting in
           in WWII I don't give a fuck what you think.  That said, in the
           battle for Okinawa over 250,000 died.  Extrapolate those numbers
           to Kyushu and then the home island...
           Japan had its entire Army intact in China, and the
           Soviets were days from entering the war.  Had they, Japan and
           China would likely still be partitioned like the Koreas.
           Furthermore it was impractical to move the millions of needed
           troops out of Europe because of the Soviet threat.  One could
           go on and on...
           \_ Partition was unnecessary.  It end up being partitioned
              as result of USA and USSR splits the spoils of the war,
              treating the Chinese as nothing more than their Imperialistic
              subjects.  This mentality still exist today in the mind of
2021/12/08 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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