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12/23   All right, you got us:
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Levis Genes Corps of Injewneers harness science for dangerous and mystic ritual plot The Inhuman Genome Project, which studies such nonhuman subjects as the Golem, the Yeti, Pat Robertson, and Area 51 specimens, have made major breakthoughs in the last decade. We are closer than ever now to understanding how nefarious plotting affects ribonucleic acid. Committee members are known only by their symbols of office, and cannot be named. The Usher of the Golden Rod of Solomon, who oversees the top-secret group, was not available for comment, but his assistant, Large Knobby Thing, spoke to IJC staffers earlier this week. Star Chamber Uproar Over Gay Marriage Mix-up Goy marriage ban shelved as result An effort by goy Puppet George W. Bush to comply with IJC directives to distract from the emptying of the US treasury has brought him into conflict with long-standing programs run by the Council of Commie Pinko Liberal Homo Intellectual Big-City Jews, known thoughout the Conspiracy as the Full Monty Group.