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2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/16 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11480 Activity:very high
                \- gee i guess the bush administration will only be
                   inviting in protestant deminiations to convert
                   the godless heathens --psb
        I agree with the Vatican on this one.  There was no need to humiliate
        the man.  He's a former head of state and prisoner of war and should
        be treated with the respect due to such a man.  I feel bad for the guy.
        \_ Me, too! I mean he lost his sons to those evil Americans!
           I mean what's a few thousand dead worth a few moments of standard
           doctor checkup after living underground for so long without a shave!
        \_ Let's be clear:  I opposed the premature invasion of Iraq, but
           I am not at all displeased to see Saddam Hussein toppled and his
           regime destroyed.  Given what he did to his own people, the
           Mussolini treatment would not have been too severe for him. Now,
           does showing embarassing videos of the man being inspected for
           lice and disease help the coalition maintain peace and bring about
           a swifter transition to a real Iraqi government? Not in the least.
           Yet another PR blunder for the Bush team.
           \_ PR Blunder? Obviously you haven't seen the polls. I'm glad
              aren't in charge. I bet you think the Bay of Pigs was a bad
              idea also?
              \_ Ah, dear simpleton, let me lay it out for you in lyrics
                 your little brain might comprehend easier:
                 "For every thing (turn, turn, turn)
                  there is a season (turn, turn, turn)."
                 The Prez' invasion was, like many sexual acts perpetrated
                 by semifunctional adolescents, premature.
                 \_ yeah we should have waited until he started offering
                    $100K for every suicide bomber's family
                          \- we should have invaded iraq on behalf of
                    \_ No, we should have waited until we had proof of his
                       WMDs, -OR- we should have declared our mission to
                       rid the world of oppressive regimes, sacked Saudi
                       Arabia, Burma, and Uzbekistan, and then, with that
                       moral justification firmly established, gone into
                       \_ One at a time..
                          \_ Yeah? Then why not this one?
              \_ After all, polls are the only thing that matters.  Who cares
                 about morality, I'm in the majority!
        \_ I have to ask.  Is it really all that humiliating to have
           medical examination?  I fail to see why this footage is all
           that humiliating.  It's probably all they had on hand for the
           press that wasn't either secret or REALLY humiliating.
           \_ They probably had footage of him showered and shaved, wearing a
              jumpsuit and glowering at the camera.
2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        \_ Political stability, military strategy (Iran), and to prevent
           Saddam from financing terrorism.
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An organisation representing survivors of the genocide, Ibuka, says a number of people have been killed this year. Spokesman Benoit Kaboyi says witnesses are being silenced in an attempt to undermine a rural justice system introduced in Rwanda 18 months ago. Gacaca courts are meant to clear the backlog of pending genocide trials. Targeted Ibuka said one or two genocide survivors are killed every month but it says three potential witnesses were killed recently in the south west province Gikongoro. Ibuka says in the most recent case a man was killed and dismembered in front of his family as a warning to other potential witnesses. He said a number of suspects had been detained in connection with the murders. Some 100,000 suspects have still to go on trial, accused of participating in the killings of Tutsis and moderate Hutus over 100 days in 1994. Officials in Rwanda say that the gacaca system will be expanded across Rwanda next year. Go 49 Rwanda genocide: Ten years on KEY STORIES 50 Rwanda ceremonies in pictures 51 Genocide victims remembered 52 Rwanda marks anniversary 53 Genocide 'failure' berated 54 UN chief's genocide regret FEATURES AND ANALYSIS 55 Rwandan rebels 56 Still divided 57 The BBC's Rob Walker reports on the long process of reconciliation 58 Return to Nyarubuye 59 Killer: 'Taken over by Satan' 60 Survivor: 'Living among the dead' IN PICTURES 61 One hundred days 62 The story of the 1994 genocide in sound and pictures BACKGROUND 63 How the genocide happened 64 Q&A: A long search for justice HAVE YOUR SAY 65 What lessons learnt?