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2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/11/6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:10969 Activity:moderate 58%like:12090
11/6    Anybody know what happened to BDG?  Your fans need you.  Don't leave
        the motd without some explanation!  - BDG #1 fan
        \_ The sad truth is that he is recently betrothed. And so it goes...
           \_ No, that's a lie!  That's a squishable offense!  --BDG #2 Fan
           \_ bring on Bitter Twice-Divorced Guy!
              \_ BDG is dead! Long live BDG!
        \_ Intolerable Cruelty has some interesting dialogue on pre-nups.
           \_ You spent money on that?  Your money?
           \_ That made my day. Thanks.
           \_ I looked a little deeper and he got an email from a woman asking
              that he have some of the more rare ones verified as genuine.  He
              replies that he doesn't know if any are fake and makes no
              gaurantees.  He blocks the complaining woman from bidding, but
              she makes a new ID and is the winning bidder for $860.  Some of
              them are fakes and she complains...
                \_ Obviously the seller knew the rare ones were fakes.
                   (not that i give a rats ass) -phuqm
                \_Complaint : 5 FAKES among 26. Honest Listing? Ha!
                        HE HAS A WIFE not an EX-wife.
                Response by thedrunkensailor - This wench used a second ID
                        to bid after i blocked her and I am dishonest? B*tch
                Follow-up by glorybeeto - 2d ID breach of 'Bay rules;
                        selling counterfeits Fed CRIMINAL offense.

                Where is BDG when you need him? But seriously, he had to know
                they were fakes. Do you know how much those camels go for???
                \_ As he made no claims to the authenticity, you, and the
                   dumbass bidders have very little to stand on.
                \_ As he made no claims to the authenticity, the
                   dumbass bidder has very little to stand on.
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