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2019/04/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/10/30 [Finance, Finance/Investment] UID:10862 Activity:nil
10/29   Here it is.  Bush in '04.  No one cares about anything but the economy:
        \_ Yeah, no one cares about blatant lying, coverups, or botched
           invasions.  No one cares about America's debt.  No one cares about
           the rape of the environment or the erosion of our civil liberties.
           Not if they can buy more Playstation 2!  *sigh*  How's Canada these
           \_ Nope, they don't, actually.  If they cared about any of
              those things Clinton wouldn't have been elected the first time.
              The economy is the most important thing to voters and to many
              voters the only important thing.  You're naive and childish if
              you think it's about playstations.  It's about being able to
              raise one's children better than one was raised.  Welcome to
              the adult world.
              \_ so if the nations parks and wild lands have been destroyed
                 and we're in a constant state of war with the rest of the world
                 with increased child asthma rates from pollution and
                 the inability to live safely in our homes without being
                 randomly detained without trial how exactly do we provide
                 a better life for our children?  Also, if you see how wrong
                 things are going in this country and turn away becuase
                 you don't believe you can change it it doesn't make you
                 mature it makes you a coward.
                 \_ You know air pollution levels have been dropping
                    steadily since the 70's.  Even under *gasp* republicans.
                    And I don't think most Americans mind that we're in a
                    constant state of war with people who have been attacking
                    us over the last 10-20 years.
                    \_ Fine, so we dissagree. My point is that the motivation
                       for poeple caring about these issues is that poeple
                       want to make this country a better place for their
                       children than it was for them.  You claimed that
                       all people care about is the economy because that's
                       what matters for the quality of life of their children.
                       When I refute you, you come back with "oh yeah? well
                       the Republicans are better on these issues anyway."
                       I believe that some of the republican leadership
                       is right on about the environment, actually.  I just
                       think that the average republican on the street
                       (like you) is a loudmouthed selfish jerk who votes
                       based entirely on their projected income tax
                       burden and doesn't care about society at large
                       or the long term future of this nation.
                       Your comments bear that stereotype out to a tee.
                    \_ And fuck you!
              \_ If you're such an adult, how come you can't be bothered to
                 use motdedit like the rest of us?
                 \_ *laugh*  That's the best you can do?  Golly, it's gotta be
                    Gore in 04 now with *that* great zinger!  Ouch!
                    \_ Hey you know what?  Fuck you too!
           \_ You are right... MOVE THERE THEN.
              \_ Guess what?  Fuck you!
        \_ The economy?  The economy has a good chance of crapping up
           next year.
2019/04/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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