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2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/10/20-21 [Finance, Recreation/Food, Computer/SW/Security] UID:10707 Activity:low
10/20   Ever wonder why you get some much junk mail?  It's because the United
        States Postal Service encourages such practice!
        \_ of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations...
        \_ Yeah, they're self supporting.
        \_ poor trees.
           \_ theyre grown on tree farms for the purpose.  so of like your
           \_ theyre grown on tree farms for the purpose.  sort of like your
                \_ yes the forests of Canada, Madagascar and Burma
                   are one vast tree farm.
                   \_ yawn.  no one is chopping trees in madagascar to get
                      paper to send you junk mail.  it takes 50,000 trees
                      to print *each* edition of the sunday NYT.  you think
                      they're stripping madagascar?  no, it's all tree farm
                      trees raised for that purpose.
              \_ poor cows.
                 \_ and poor wheat and corn and everything else grown for
                    us to murder and eat.
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2013/7/29-9/16 [Finance/Investment] UID:54717 Activity:nil
        Only 28% of millionaires consider themselves wealthy. So it is
        not just my wife!
        \_ People have been using the term "millionaire" as a synonym for
           "rich" for a very long time.  But there's this little thing called
           inflation.  Having a million dollars in 1900 is roughly equivalent
2012/12/21-2013/1/24 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:54568 Activity:nil
        Yahooers in Sunnyvale don't seem to average 170K/year.
        \_ Googlers average $104k/yr? Uh huh.
           \_ what is it suppose to be?
                 Google Sr. Software Engineer in Sunnyvale averages $193k in total pay,
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3/14    42% of millionaires don't feel rich -PAM (Poor Ass Millionaire)
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4/14    How Hunger Could Topple Regimes - Yahoo! News:
        \_ growing corn and wheat for alternative fuels  is cause
        \_ "Government intervention on behalf of the poor - so out of fashion
            during globalization's roaring '90s and the current decade -
            may be about to make a comeback."
2007/12/14-19 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:48799 Activity:nil
12/14   Day 11, 0 masterbation and I'm actually starting to feel GREAT! No
        sinful urges whatsoever, much less sleep and much more productive
        at work. First week was quite a struggle but after going through
        withdraw I feel pretty good now. I also walk/run more to release
        a lot of sexual frustrations which I think probably contributed to
        losing 2 pounds and feeling great. I can't believe I'm saying this
2007/11/5 [Recreation/Food] UID:48543 Activity:moderate
11/5    motd enormous bowel movement guy, do you eat wheat gluten?
2007/10/29-11/2 [Recreation/Food] UID:48480 Activity:kinda low
10/29   How much wheat gluten exists in pasta?
        \_ I think "all of it"?  If you're avoiding wheat gluten, you have
           to avoid pasta and most bread products.
           \- you can eat barley
        \_ You could try soba noodles.  I don't know if they have gluten
           in them, but they might not.  They are also high in protein.
2007/11/1-2 [Recreation/Food] UID:48519 Activity:moderate
11/1    I'm the feeling tired after beating-off guy #2. I've been avoiding
        wheat + dairy and have been on mostly rice + soy diet for almost
        2 wks and I still feel really tired after beating-off. I don't think
        wheat gluten and cassein cause tiredness. The good thing is that
        I've lost about 2 pounds in the process.
        \_ WHAT.  NO.  I am really tired after eating guy.  Fucker.
2007/10/29-11/1 [Recreation/Food] UID:48466 Activity:low
        WHEAT GLUTEN and casein, among other genetic dispositions
        and environment factors, may cause AUTISM.
        \_ Because before this last generation NOBODY ate wheat and
           dairy.  Jesus christ lay off on your fear of food.
2007/10/25-26 [Recreation/Food] UID:48442 Activity:kinda low
10/25   motd wheat gluten guy here.  Now I think I might have borderline
        diabetes.  Eating a lot of food makes me tired.  How do I figure it
        out?  I had a blood test a year ago, if I had diabetes, would
        the doctor notice?
        \_ Doesn't eating a lot of food make everyone older than 25 tired?
        \_ Probably.  Checking for blood sugar is routine.  Mine's always
2007/10/24-25 [Recreation/Food] UID:48430 Activity:nil
10/24   Hi.  I read a fascinating article about people who think they
        might be allergic to wheat gluten, in the East Bay Express last
        A lot of their symptoms sound like mine.  I get really tired after
        eating (also I am last month's TORRENT OF BLOOD SHOOTING OUT OF
2012/5/8-6/4 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:54383 Activity:nil
5/8     Hello everyone!  This is Josh Hawn, CSUA Tech VP for Spring 2012.
        About 2 weeks ago, someone brought to my attention that our script
        to periodically merge /etc/motd.public into /etc/motd wasn't
        running.  When I looked into it, the cron daemon was running, but
        there hadn't been any root activity in the log since April 7th.  I
        looked into it for a while, but got lost in other things I was
2011/11/16-12/28 [Computer/HW, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:54230 Activity:nil
11/16   We'll be taking all CSUA machines offline in the near future for a Soda
        Hall server room reorganization (we're being moved to a neighboring
        server cabinet).  Downtime will hopefully be minimal.  --jordan
        \_ Thanks for all your work keeping the machines running!  It's
           been awesome having soda actually working again.
        \_ Update:  this is tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoon.
2011/8/9-27 [Computer/SW/Editors/Emacs, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:54162 Activity:nil
8/9     So I just found out that an old college friend of mine lost her
        four month old daughter to SIDS. What is the correct response here?
        \_ "Did she sleep with her belly?" and "Did you breastfeed?"
        \_ try this joke:
           How do you make a dead baby float?
           ˙ʎqɐq pɐǝp ɟo sdooɔs oʍʇ puɐ ɹǝǝqʇooɹ ɟo ƃnɯ ɐ
2010/11/21-2011/1/13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:53988 Activity:moderate
11/21   Lifehacker's recommending Dreamhost as a personal web hosting service.
        Apart from csua, who do you guys use? --erikred
        \_ What do you want to use it for? Do you need CGI or PHP?  My
           brother worked for Dreamhost and said they are unethical. In
           fact, he sued them. This refers to their treatment of customers
           and employees both. I don't know who  or what "Lifehacker" is,
2010/11/1-2011/1/13 [Computer/Networking] UID:54002 Activity:nil
11/1    I'm moving from a home in Fremont to another home within the same ZIP
        code in Fremont, and AT&T customer service says I cannot transfer my
        DSL service because DSL is not available at my new home.  Is that BS?
        Are they just trying to push me to subscribe to their more expensive
        U-verse service?  I'm not asking for any lightening-speed connection.
            \_ could be
2010/8/10-9/7 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53919 Activity:nil
        Google Wave No More. The people who worked on it were pretty smart.
        They wrote up a super awesome OKR with extremely low bar as a measure
        of success, exceeded everyone's expectations by going above those
        bars, and got big fat bonuses and promotions as a result of their
        planning. Brilliant.
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