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2018/10/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/9/27-29 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:10348 Activity:nil
9/26    Now that Yahoo is clamping down on use of their IM protocol by outside
        clients, I'm wondering if there is an effort to create an interoperable
        open-source instant messenger protocol/service?
        \_ You mean like IRC, ICB, or Jabber?
           \_ Yup, thanks. :)
        \_ URL?  Does this mean Trillian will not work any more?
              All third party apps are hozed for the time being.
           \_ Trillian saw this coming and did nothing proactively.. so yes
              their client was screwed for a couple days. As of last night
              (saturday night) they already had a beta patch out for at least
              Trillian Pro 2.0.. which seems to work fine.
              \_ How could they proactively adapt their client to a protocol
                 that wasn't known until they got cut off?
         \_ why does everyone just use aim?
            \_ do you mean "why DOESN'T" ...
              \_ Whoops.  Yeah I do.
            \_ I don't use anything.  IM'ing is just another way of losing
               time to relax.  Let them send email and wait for a response.
        \_ am I the only one who thinks that Trillian UI sucks and people who
                use a zillion IM apps are silly?
                 \_ the default trillian skin sucks, but there are one
                    or two that are good.  Mostly I just hate using clients
                    that make me look at ads.
                    \_ which ones would you recommend? (considering checking
                        it out)
2018/10/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2007/10/9-11 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:48276 Activity:nil
10/9    Is there a chat program for OS X that allows me to chat with
        people on AIM, MSN messenger, and yahoo? Thanks.
        \_ Adium.
           \_ Adium is best. Trillian Astra works as web client and
              they are porting as a native app as well but i still
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11/10   Which chat program is the most popular these days?  AOL IM?  Yahoo
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           as the protocol is merging with AIM anyway.  If I were you, I
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2005/8/23-24 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:39237 Activity:nil
8/23    Google IM is up.
        \_ Great. Just what we need. Yet Another Fucking Messenger. I am so
           sick and tired of having to keep track of different logins and
           clients. I have YM, AIM, MSN, and IRC. Trillian is the solution?
           No. I can't get to certain features in YM like interactive games
2004/12/22 [Computer/SW/Apps/Media] UID:35390 Activity:low
12/21   Does anyone know the name/singer of that song in Elf, when
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        \_ baby, it's cold outside.  zooey deschanel
        \_ I thought Elf was a poorly written movie.
           \_ She's gonna be Trillian?
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Yahoo representatives said on Wednesday that the company had warned users of older versions of its IM client software to upgrade to newer applications or risk getting shut out of its network. Yahoo is giving users until 24 September to install current editions of its software, according to company spokeswoman Mary Osako. According to Osako, the company is making the move in order to protect IM users from unwanted advertising spam. Osako said it was necessary for Yahoo to continually develop new versions of IM in order to prevent spammers from potentially hacking into older platforms. She said only a small percentage of Yahoos IM user audience need to upgrade: those still operating Yahoo Messenger for Windows 50 or older, Yahoo Messenger for Mac 20 or older and Yahoo Messenger for Unix 102 or older. However, she did say that the upgrade would probably disable access for all Yahoo Messenger users who access the service via third-party IM client software such as Trillian. Trillian is software that integrates multiple IM clients into a common interface. Third-party clients will likely be affected, but were trying to communicate with other providers around the common goal of opening up the IM community, she said. Yahoos announcement comes on the heels of similar news from rival IM software maker Microsoft that it plans to bar third-party client software from gaining access to its MSN Messenger IM applications. On 15 October, Trillian users will also lose access to the Microsoft IM client. Trillian did not return calls requesting comment on the Yahoo announcement.