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2013/8/29-11/7 [Finance/Banking] UID:54734 Activity:nil
8/29    Applying for a home loan now. The loan officer keeps asking why
        I wrote large amounts of check, and what they're for, and fax
        her proof to support what I said. She said loan regulations have
        tightened a lot to prevent money laundry. What is the max amount
        of money I can transfer these days without triggering annoying
        audits? I am not a terrorist.
        \_ Banks have to file a SAR for any amount over $10k.
           \_ What if I do a couple of $10k a day? Is that ok?
              \_ Not only will that still trigger the reporting, it's illegal.
              \_ Just do 10k/day
                 \_ See above: this is illegal, and also probably won't work.
                    \_ How about bitcoins?
           \_ Does that include transferring between accounts owned by my
              and/or my wife, all of which in US institutions?
        \_ from the aspect of loan approval, they just want to make sure
           you aren't playing funny games like making private unreported
           loans or trying to artificially increase your apparent assets by
           shuffling money around.
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