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2013/3/22-5/18 [Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:54635 Activity:nil
3/21    Suppose your parents move all of their asset to the child, can they
        qualify for SSI (additional income)? Will the transfer of asset
        trigger some sort of audit, questioning, and such? Has anyone
        done this?
        \_ You are headed for prison.
           \_ i doubt it, i know people who live in million dollar
              mansions (in their child's name of course) and getting
              SSI and Universal Lifeline and such. just do it, the
              government owes you.
        \_ If you gift more than $11k, you have to file a statement with the
           IRS. SSI is not based on your assets though, so the real answer is
2013/3/22-5/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54636 Activity:nil
3/21    Want to attract mates? Wear red. It's proven to work by science:
        \_ Awesome artile, I bought the book, thanks for sharing. -ausman
        \_ Awesome arti[c]le, I bought the book, thanks for sharing. -ausman
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