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3/3     On a related note how do I stop all these political junk mail
        sent to my physical address? How did they get my address
        in the first place?
        \_ White Pages from your land-line phone company?
        \_ White Pages from your land-line phone company?  County property
           \_ I've been landline free for 5 years
        \_ 1) You cannot, in America we have a 1st Amendment right to be stupid
           2) Probably from the voter rolls. Are you registered to vote?
           \_ they definitely have different mailings targetting different
              registered political party affiliations
        \_ When I registered D, I got very little pamphlets. When I registered
           I, I got a bunch of political spam. Maybe I'll register R next
           time and see what happens. Is anyone else here registered as I?
           \_ When I was G I barely got any junk mail. Now that I am D, my
              mailbox is innundated. I live in SF, so all the local offices
              are D vs D. The Rs never win anything here.
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