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2/10    I like Woz, and I like iWoz, but let me tell ya, no one worships
        him because he has the charisma of an highly functioning
        Autistic person. Meanwhile, everyone worships Jobs because
        he's better looking and does an amazing job promoting himself
        as God. I guess this is not the first time in history. Case in
        point, Caesar, Napolean, GWB, etc. Why is it that people
        throughout history worship assholes?
        \_ GWB is in this category?  He might have been an asshole, but he's
           not good looking like JFK, Reagan and Bill Clinton.
           not good looking like JFK, Reagan or Bill Clinton.
           \_ Future historians will realize that Dubya belongs
              in the same league as Napolean, Caesar, Robert E. Lee
              and Steve Jobs.
        \_ As someone who basically went up to Woz in a public setting
           and went all "fan" on him, and then spent a decent amount of
           time telling him why I thought a particular political postion
           of his was wrong, I can tell you that Woz is no asshole. At
           least in my limited experience of foisting myself on him, in
           my own socially inept and obnoxious way no less, I found him
           to be an exceptionally nice guy. -phuqm
           \_ How did you read this 180 degrees the opposite of what the OP
              intended? He said that Jobs was an asshole and that Woz was
              a nice but uncharsismatic fellow.
              \_ Because he's social inept and obnoxious?
        \_ I wouldn't say "no one" worships Woz.  He's just only worshiped
           by other highly functioning Autistics.  Not a huge demographic,
           but it probably includes most of us.
        \_ I think it says a lot about the CSUA that nobody pointed out
           that people worship Jobs because he was responsible for creating
           great products and also turning around a totally moribund company.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2013:February:10 Sunday