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2013/2/4-3/4 [Uncategorized] UID:54595 Activity:nil
2/4     How many millions of dollars did GoDaddy have to pay Bar Refaeli to
        make her slobber that nerd?  Yucks.
        \_ Did you see the uncensored version of the ad, the one with the
           tounge? Think about this: "that nerd" got paid to make out with
           Bar Refaeli. Smart guy.
2013/2/4-3/4 [Finance] UID:54596 Activity:nil
2/4     Another look at equity compensation, from AngelList:
        Most interesting take away after looking at the data for a while:
        Designers get more equity than developers, at least in Silicon
        Valley. Marketing and Sales types get just as much.
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