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2012/12/11-30 [Industry/SiliconValley] UID:54554 Activity:nil
12/10   What are some of the most famous TECH companies that are NOT run
        by a bunch of cronies (vs. run by those who are there because
        of abilities/meritocracy)?
        \_ Microsoft.
           \_ Really?
              \_ Isn't Ballmer pretty much Gates' crony?
                 \_ that's very true
                 \_ Facebook? Square? Twitter?
                    \_ ?
                       \_ Those companies are run by founders, so not cronies.
        \_ This question is poorly worded. Are you looking for companies run
           by people who are there because of their ability? I would say
           most of them are in that category.
           \_ partly true. most companies prosper initially because of
              abilities, but then when the founders retire/die the
              company's marketing and lawyers take over. Just look at
              Enron, Dow, Monsanto, Halliburton, Microsoft, etc...  all
              these mega ass conglomerates prosper because it's run by cronies.
              if you think google is evil, how do you think google will look
              like when sergey and larry die/retire? it's going to stop
              fundamental research and spam everyone else like all these
              other mega conglomerates.
              \_ This is actually kind of scary and depressing. Goggle knows
              \_ This is actually kind of scary and depressing. Google knows
                 way too much about me. I trust them to Do The Right Thing,
                 but god knows what that company will be like after those
                 two go.
                 \_ they are going to sell your information to anyone
                    who wants it, for a fee of course. Remember all these
                    credit report agencies that were spawned before you
                    were born, and that they were on your side?
                    \_ Who do you trust your email with?
                 \_ "I trust them to Do The Right Thing" <--- bahahahahaha
                    the founders aren't interested in making more money now
                    but when they are gone, Google will be just another Y!
                    where every email you send is a spam ("Sent from
                    my Yahoo Account -- Buy Viagra now!") and everything
                    you see on the page is an ad, leadgen, or something
                    shady like the Yahoo Dating site where 10-15% of the
                    women are fake and Y! has no incentive to clean it
                    up because fake pretty women attract suckers in the first
                    place and PMs and VPs want to show off stats. Fuck Y!
                    FUCK YOU YAHOO.                             -Y!
                    \_ Who is your email provider?
                        \_ soda
2012/12/11-30 [Consumer/CellPhone] UID:54555 Activity:nil
12/11   What are some cheap wireless plans you can buy where you can
        get the sim-card and stick it into any device of your choice?
        \_ Any plan which uses a SIM. I have used my AT&T SIM in a
           Blackberry, two different iPhones, and even an old Razr. I
           assume you mean domestic use only.
        \_ I don't use my phone very much, so I've been contemplating on
           getting JUST data plan ($15/month for 200MB) and then just
           use VoIP in the rare times that I need it. Has anyone done
           \_ If your usage is really low, you might want to take a look at
              Ting (<DEAD><DEAD>
              \_ interesting! even if I buy $649 Sprint iPhone, I still
                 seem to end up saving more after 2 years.
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