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2012/10/12-12/4 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54497 Activity:nil
10/12   "Climate Solution: Pay True Cost of Fossil Fuels, NASA Scientist Says" (
        \_ Sounds great, but it would be easier (though by no means easy)
           to end the $5bn in fossil fuel tax subsidies the US has in place.
           And that's merely a third of what we as a nation spend to
           subsidize fossil fuels.
           \_ What other kind of subsidies are there?
        \_ The GOP will never let it happen.
           \_ It's strange that while the GOP supports low tax and small
              government spending in general, they support taxing for the
              purpose of subsidizing gasoline.  Hypocracy?  -- OP
              \_ Old Boy Network: protect the rich, and steal from the
                 less rich. Cf. the I-didn't-need-gubmint-money malarkey.
           \_ you mean the Democraps can never make it happen because
              they're pussies?
              \_ You'd need a real slash-and-burn hard-nose reformer to
                 do the job, and that would guarantee a one-term
                 presidency. No career politician could do it (with the
                 possible exception of Kucinich, but then we're just
                 being silly).
              \_ It would require a filibuster proof majority in The
                 Senate, along with The House and The Presidency.
                 This ain't happening.
2012/10/12-12/4 [Consumer/TV] UID:54498 Activity:nil
10/12   When did HDMI cables suddenly drop in price? You can buy highly
        rated 25' cables for $5 on Amazon now.
           \_ Coco Crisp on a crutch, that's some timely info! Thanks!
        \_ On a related note, why are there different grades of HDMI cables,
           some even gold-plated?  Unlike traditional AV cables, HDMI is
           digital and small distortion of the electric signal should have no
           effect on the sound or picture quality.  (I don't have HDMI
           equipment myself.)
        \_ HDMI sucks. Thunderbolt rules!
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