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2012/9/18-11/7 [Science/Space] UID:54478 Activity:nil
9/18    The Space Shuttle Endeavour is doing a fly over of Nasa Ames on Friday: []
        \_ They have reached their cap on car passes!  Ahh!  I wish I heard
           about this earlier! :-(
        \_ I saw it above HW 101 in San Mateo this morning.  I wonder how many
           people in the Bay Area watched it (the real thing, not a broadcast.)
           \_ Watched it fly over Piedmont; looked like I could pluck it out
              out of the sky, it was that close. Absolutely astounding. Five
              other people were there waiting for it to fly over; we were all
              whooping like kids. Too quick to take a picture, but the image is
              burned in my memory.
              \_ GO USA!!!
        \_ It flew right over my house in San Francisco.
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