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2012/7/3-8/19 [Recreation/Media] UID:54430 Activity:nil
7/3     Just found a great new movie on cable last night:
        "Blame it on Rio"
        In it, a middle aged guy gets seduced by his friends
        teen daughter:
        "At the age of 17, only two months out of high school..."
        \_ Didn't Kevin Spacy have a similar film recently?
           \_ What is the name of it?
              \_ He's probably referring to "American Beauty" (1999).  If
                 "Blame it on Rio" (1974) can be called "new", then I guess
                 it's fair to call "American Beauty" recent.
                 \_ Sorry it was new to me. In American Beauty he doesn't
                    actually bone her, so not that good. I think Blame it
                    on Rio is actually from 1984.
                    \_ Got any other good movies that have old guys with
                       young women? I know about Last Tango in Paris.
                       \_ Pretty much all of them. Typical actress is
                          much, much younger than the male lead playing
                          opposite her. Random examples: Michelle Pfeiffer
                          is 16 years younger than Harrison Ford ("What
                          Lies Beneath") and Julia Roberts is 18 years
                          younger than Richard Gere ("Pretty Woman").
                          \_ Cf. Calista Flockhart and Cindy Crawford.
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