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2012/6/22-7/20 [Politics/Domestic/California, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:54420 Activity:nil
6/22    "Study: The U.S. could be powered by 80% green energy in 2050"  (
        \_ How many Republicans does it take to make green energy?
           -150,000,000! Ding ding ding!
           \_ Because having control of the White House and both houses of
              Congress wasn't enough (ie, the do nothing and blame the
              Republicans period after the 2008 elections) ?  That's what it
              takes for the Democrats to get anything done?  A complete
              absence of any opposition at all?  Sure.
              \_ Never underestimate Dems ability to get nothing done if it
                 requires cooperation, but ignoring repeated threats of
                 filibuster on the part of the GOP and still blaming the
                 Dems for getting nothing done is perverse. -!op
              \_ Obama spent far too long trying to get the GOP to sign
                 off on some kind of health care reform, I agree. But even
                 with 60 Dems, he could not get anything significant done
                 on climate change because a few Democrats from coal states
                 were not on board.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2012:June:22 Friday <Saturday>