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2012/3/8-26 [Health/Women] UID:54332 Activity:nil
        Definitely NOT work safe.
        \_ Most of the women have very hot bodies!  However, is there a theme
           where pictures of kitties and nude women resembling each other are
           paired?  If so, the theme is lost in later pictures.
2012/3/8-26 [Transportation/Car] UID:54333 Activity:nil
3/8     155mph 24-seat super sports car (and it's not a limo conversion) (
        \_ theonion did it first:
2012/3/8-26 [Science/Space, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:54334 Activity:nil
3/8     "Invisible Mercedes brings James Bond technology to life" (
        How many years and dollars have our military spent on trying to achieve
        the same thing and yet still haven't gotten any result!?  Now a
        civilian company has done it, and they did it even merely for
2012/3/8-26 [Health] UID:54335 Activity:nil
3/8     Can any shrink (PhD) prescribe medication? Or do they have to
        have MD to do that?
        \_ In general, a psychiatrist can prescribe medication, but a
           psycologist cannot, because a psychiatrist's training includes an
           MD, while a psycologist's does not.  Some states have started to
           allow psycologists to prescribe medication, which blurs the
           \_ The most annoying thing for me is that 19/20 doctors on
              the web site (by logging into my insurance) are MFT (marriage
              and family therapists). I don't want a f*** talker I just want
              my f******* medicine. M****** F*************
              \_ Most psychological issues can be solved more cheaply and
                 effectively by counseling. What is your problem, if you
                 don't mind sharing.
                 \_ Tourettes
        \_ Some can, provided they are also physician's assistants or nurse
           practiioners, who are allowed to prescribe medications under
           state law.
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