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2012/3/5-26 [Reference/BayArea, Transportation/Car] UID:54326 Activity:nil
3/5     What's a good place in the south bay for families where you can
        meet other stroller moms and dads? So far people tell me that
        Santa Clara has a bad school district, San Jose is cheap but
        only if you can tolerate the commute, Mountain View Castro is
        better for singles, Los Altos Palo Altos is great if you can
        afford it. Where else is good?
        \_ Cupertino, West San Jose
        \_ Cupertino, West San Jose, Sunnyvale
           \_ Cupertino costs too much.
              \_ Cheaper than Los Altos and Palo Alto.
        \_ Campbell
           \_ Mediocre schools.
              \_ If you want a good school go private. I would never buy
                 an area for the schools. Ever.
                 \_ Do you have kids?
                    \_ Yes, which is why I have them in private school.  Why
                       would I trust them to a public K-12 school? Public
                       university is another story. The schools in my area
                       are EXCELLENT (as it happens - at least according
                       to API) but still terrible compared to private school.
                       \_ Why wouldn't you "trust them" to a public school?
                          What do you think is going to happen to them there?
                          If money was no object, I might consider private
                          school, but as a Poor Ass Millionaire, I need to
                          save for college. Even Cal costs $200k/per kid
                          and I have two of them.
        \_ The sad truth is people move to the suburbs to isolate themselves
           from other people. You won't find any place where friendly
           neighbors congregate, like a neighborhood street. Everyone
           is locked in their car, whisking their child from soccer practice
           to piano lessons.
           \_ What a load of crap. I live in the suburbs for 10 years now
              and I know my neighbors even blocks over. We get together
              for July 4th, we have a mailing list, and we meet each other
              when out watering lawns or walking dogs/kids. Sorry your
              neighborhood sucks.
              \_ I live in a great friendly urban neighborhood. Good for
                 you that your area is friendly, it is the exception.
                 \_ Your neighborhood is what you make of it. I spent a lot
                    of time walking the neighborhood and knocking on
                    doors. I told people about the mailing list who didn't
                    know about it or else left flyers. People actually
                    like to interact with a little prodding. Most don't
                    move to the suburbs to isolate themselves. It's a
                    \_ Good thing you don't live in Florida, you would
                       probably get shot. My relatives in Riverside literally
                       don't know one neighbor and they are pretty friendly.
                       I know about half the people on my block in SF
                       and I have lived in my place about the same
                       amount of time as they have. Read some June Jacods
                       sometime, suburbs are isolating on purpose.
2012/3/5-26 [Reference/Tax] UID:54327 Activity:nil
3/5     My dad is retired and has no income. My income tax bracket is
        pretty high. If I open up a joint high interest CD account with
        him and the INT-1099 comes, is it possible to file it under him
        100% to take advantage of the lower tax?
        \_ IRS says the interest is allocated according to who allocated
           the assets. Do you think it will generate enough interest to
           really matter that much? Even with $100K in there I doubt it given
           current rates.
           \_ do a little bit of math. It's not insignificant.
        \_ Are you married?  If not, maybe you can file as a head of
           household.  It's fair and square and the benefit is not
           insignificant.  For parent(s), you don't even have to live
           together, although they bother you about it.
        \_ You can just gift him the cash, if you can trust him.
           \_ Thanks, Andy Dufresne.
           \_ Depends on the amount. You can only gift $12K/year. If you are
              married you can gift $24K/year (you and your spouse).
              \_ Not true, you can gift as much as $1M without paying
                 taxes, but you have to file with the IRS if you gift
                 over $13k a year. I am pretty sure it will then count
                 against your inheritence deductible when you die but
                 am a bit fuzzy on that part.
                 \_ "Paying the taxes" is not the same as "owing the taxes."
                    \_ What does this mean? You can give someone up to $1M
                       without either owing or paying taxes.
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