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2012/2/26-3/26 [Politics/Foreign] UID:54315 Activity:nil
2/26    I have dual citizenship. If I leave US and enter country Z, is
        there a way I can make the immigration booth "stamp" both passports
        (not necessarily stamp, but electronically record) such that both
        countries know that I left US for country Z. Then, when I depart
        country Z and head back to US, only provide the US passport? I'd
        like to do this so country Z thinks that I am permanently residing
        in it.
        \_ You are a citizen of Z? You can't travel on two passports.
           \_ you can't? I was hoping I could be officially registered
              in two places, for reasons related to benefits provided by
              country Z without having to live there for at least X number
              of months before applying for the benefits.
              \_ I don't care enough to bother to understand what you are
                 trying to do. However, how do you expect yo travel on
                 two passports? Do you think you will give customs both?
                 My dad is a dual citizen and he has to decide whether to
                 travel as a USA citizen visiting Z or as a Z citizen
                 returning. The answer is almost always to travel as a USA
                 citizen. Now, he has a Z passport so when traveling
                 \_ why?
                 abroad after that point he can travel as a Z citizen, but
                 it's not possible to enter a country with both. It does
                 depends on what country Z is, too. Some countries have
                 their shit together much more than others. (I assume one
                 country is USA.)
        \_ Maybe you enter Z with one passport, sneak out, then re-enter
           under another passport. Is this possible?
        \_ No country in the world is going to stamp two passports when
           you exit or enter. However, the US generally doesn't stamp
           passports when you leave. Not sure how, but maybe you can try
           to use that to your advantage.
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