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2012/2/8-14 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Health/Skin] UID:54302 Activity:low
2/8     wtf, 13 year old implanted at school without parent's consent: (telegraph) -phuqm
        \_ This is what liberals have done to England. If you re-elect
           Obama, you can expect forced contraception and steralization
           Obama, you can expect forced contraception and sterilization
           in America too.
            \_ Right, 'cause Romney would never do anything similar to Obama
               Anyway, don't worry, that won't come to America
                in the next 4 years.  Given longer on the other hand I wouldn't
                be willing to bet my first born. -phuqm
                (also, this wasn't forced unless you want to invoke legalisms)
        \_ Nowhere in this article mentions STDs.
            \_ That's because the article is an apologia for the actions taken
               and talking about STDs would be yet another (as if more were
               needed) argument against the insanity of implanting 13 year
               old girls with contraceptives at school without parental
               consent. -phuqm
               \_ Fair enough.  Thx.  -- PP
        \_ "In some cases, this may include access to contraceptive implants
             from an appropriately qualified professional working within strict
             legal protocols."
             all is quite legitimate, nothing to see here, move along.
             \_ s/legitimate/legal/g.  E.g. staring at hot chicks on the
                streets while walking with your wife is legal, not legitimate.
                 \_ but if you are a Doctor and you tell your wife you thought
                    you noticed an interesting skin condition as a DOCTOR
                    (i.e. "an appropriately qualified professional) you are
                    attempting to legitamize your actions.
                    (also, i'm married not BLIND, wtf, give me a break)
2012/2/8-3/26 [Uncategorized] UID:54303 Activity:nil
2/8     Hey dwallach is running for the Usenix Board. If you are a memeber,
        you should vote for him, he is a good guy and former CSUA'er.
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