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12/15   Happy Bill of Rights Day:
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12/15   Does anyone have experience investing in apartment buildings
        I'm not really looking to invest, but I want an apartment
        to live in, and I'm not happy with the leases I'm encountering
        for instance one requires 2 years of tax returns with the
        application. I'm in a position to buy a building, but I've
        got no experience with this, and I don't want to learn that
        it was a bad by losing a lot of money. --jwm.
        \_ I bought a two unit building and live in the top. It has
           worked out pretty well for me. Email me if you want more
           info. -ausman
        \_ jsl and I run a small 4-unit, and have for a while.  Property
           management can be a lot of work. You could hire property
           managers to do it for you but it cuts into income. -mehlhaff
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