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2011/10/28-11/30 [Finance/Investment] UID:54203 Activity:nil
10/28   "The 53%: We are NOT Occupy Wall Street" (
        \_ More like the 26%:
           Meanwhile, just 26 percent said that money and wealth are
           distributed fairly in America, while 66 percent say they aren't.
           \_ You dumbass, the 53% comes from the % who pay federal income tax.
              Like it says at the link, which you didn't read.
              \_ Everyone pays taxes, stop repeating right wing drivel. Most
                 people support OWS, even your 53% that claim to pay
                 all the taxes.
                 \_ Yup.  Most people support those wearing designer jeans and
                    having iPhones with data plans and protesting for weeks
                    about not having jobs, instead of looking for jobs.  And
                    what a great way it is to stress their point by blocking
                    public transit distrupting the lives of hard-working
                    people within the 99% commuting to work instead of
                    disrupting the 1% commuting in their Mercedes and
                    BTW my start-up company lost one manager and one senior
                    QA earlier this year and two junior software developers in
                    the past month because they all jumped ship.  My wife in a
                    retail company lost a junior accountant, also because of
                    ship jumping.  Informatica is making $90k offers to fresh
                    CS grads and is getting turned down.  My sister-in-law was
                    laid off from an architecture firm and hasn't been able to
                    find another full-time job in the field, but she has been
                    able to work freelance for another architect as well as
                    taking classes for life insurance agent license and then
                    working part-time in that field.  While software and
                    retail and architecture and insurance are not
                    representative of all fields, at least this is indication
                    that things are not all bad for the 99%.   -- OP
                    \_ Congratulations on being part of the 1%.
                       \_ Nope.  By "my start-up company" I meant my employer.
                          I'm just a senior engineer.  -- OP
                             For me the resuls is "Your $XXX adjusted gross
                             income (AGI) puts you in the top 5% of earners."
                             Though I know the real answer is more like 2%,
                             the calculator is not very precise.
                             (hint, I want you to go to that link, put in
                              your annual income and report back the results)
                              \_ That link says "top 5%" for any income between
                                 $160k and $340k.  My family's combined
                                 household income falls in that range.  -- OP
                                 \_ So someone whose family income is in the
                                    top 5% of all Americans (and probably
                                    in the top 2-3% of all Americans) is not
                                    concerned about wealth inequality. What
                                    a shocker.
                                    \_ How did my "things are not all bad for
                                       the 99%" become "not concerned about
                                       wealth inequality"?  -- OP
                                       \_ You examples do not indicate that
                                          things are not all bad for the 99%,
                                          more like things are not too bad for
                                          top 2-5%. The main complaint of the
                                          OWS folks is wealth inequality, which
                                          is obviously not one of your concerns.
                                          is obviously not one of your
                                          \_ The two junior devs I mentioned
                                             above had salaries in the $50-60k
                                             range.  One is single and one has
                                             a non-working wife attending
                                             college.  So they would be "top
                                             50%" according to your site. -- OP
                                             \_ Okay. Why don't they go work
                                                for Informatica?
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