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2011/10/26-12/6 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:54202 Activity:nil
10/24  What's an easy way to see if say column 3 of a file matches a list of
       expressions in a file? Basically I want to combine "grep -f <file>"
       to store the patterns and awk's $3 ~ /(AAA|BBB|CCC)/ ... I realize
       I can do this with "egrep -f " and use regexp instead of strings, but
       was wondering if there was some magic way to do this.
       \_ UNIX has no magic. Make a shell script to produce the ask or egrep
          you're looking for and there's your wizardry right there.
          \- re: magic: there are sometimes (relatively) obscure commands
             which do something slightly more painful to do with lower
             level tools, e.g. comm, jot, paste, join, tac, sort -M. I didnt
             know about 'grep -L' until maybe 5yrs ago, and would figure
             out how to do that in (relatively) painful ways.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2011:October:26 Wednesday