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2011/10/3-18 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:54185 Activity:nil
9/30    "Amanda Knox Acquitted of Murder"
        \_ Why do you hate America? Your date must be wrong too...
           \_ I don't.  I also thought WTF when the hikers were convicted in
              Iran.  -- OP
2011/10/3-12/6 [Industry/Jobs] UID:54186 Activity:nil
        Does The PSB still read the motd? This reminds me of the racheting
        effect you talk about (for the skilled here). -ausman
        \_ 80% of participants had evaluated themselves as being above the average driver
        \_ this effect is common in mega corporations
        \- ausman: i dont really check in here any more ... at some point
           the repeated self-inflected wounds dropped the wall-mass below
           some critical threshold for me.
           but on your topic, did you see this long EMORRIS article from
           the NYT a while back:
           \_ Yeah, I am not talking about the inability to see ones own
              shortcomings, rather the other side of the coin, the inability to
              recognize ones own unusual competence.
              shortcomings, rather the other side of the coin, the tendency
              to discount ones own unusual competence, eg things are either
              "hard" (if you don't understand) or "trivial" (once you do).
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