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2011/7/26-8/6 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:54144 Activity:nil
7/26    Oregon Congressman David Wu says he's resigning - Yahoo! News:
        "Democratic Rep. David Wu of Oregon has announced that he is resigning
        in the wake of allegations that he had a sexual encounter with an
        18-year-old woman."
        Given that:
        1. The Age of Consent in Oregon is 18,
        2. He filed for separation from his wife two years ago,
        why did he need to resign?
        \_ You'll never get it.
           \_ By hook or by crook we will.
        \_ "allegations he engaged in 'aggressive and unwanted sexual
            behavior' with a young woman."
            \_ I see.  I guess Yahoo News (Associated Press) didn't tell the
               whole story.  -- OP
            \_ I know I am a sick puppy, but what exactly went on here?
               I want details, the more lurid the better.
        \_ "Amid the frenzy of arm-twisting, debate and reporters swarming
            like bees in a sunflower garden, Representative David Wu, the
            Oregon Democrat who resigned this week amid a sex scandal, sat
            peacefully on the balcony off the speaker’s lobby, awaiting the
            last votes of his career and pulling on a stogie."
2011/7/26-8/2 [Science/Physics] UID:54145 Activity:nil
7/26    "Hong Kong scientists 'show time travel is impossible'" (
        \_ Rest of World Emits Collective 'duh'
        \_ I'm no physics wizard.  They may have proven that a single photon
           does not travel faster than c.  But how does this imply that
           no physical object can travel faster than c?  And how does that
           imply that no information can travel faster than c?
        \_ tell that to the guys who had the "Time Machine Invented" article.
           LESSON: you can't believe the internets for things outside the
           scope of knowledge of the avg compunerd. Yes, high end physics,
           much like economics, classics, lit theory, politics, and how to
           talk to women, are all out of scope.
2011/7/26-8/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54146 Activity:moderate
7/26    motd: I'm back. what did i miss?
        \_ Not much, how long were you gone?
           \_ over the last ~7 years I've gone from checking many times
              a day to checking once per year. where are the following
              people? tom, psb, danh, kchang, mconst, jon, alexf, dbushong,
              sky, kinney, ranga, paolo
              \_ Who is this? I know where some of these people are, some
                 even still use soda occasionally. -ausman
                 \_ soo, people don't use motd tracking scripts anymore
                    to identify post authors? dang
        \_ Hello. I'm the author of archiver. I haven't
           used motd as my primary form of Q-and-A for many years because
           I see social networking alternatives (e.g. Quora, Google Circle)
           as [more refined] superset of motd. They are missing threading
           and anon posting, but other than that, I don't see how motd
           can be sustainable given the sharp decline of shell users. In
           a way, motd is dead, but the spirit of motd lives on forever
           in the form of social networking.                    -kchang
           \_ but motd had value beyond and in a different way than, say,
              google+ or other "social networking". we have to bring it
              back from the dead. how?
              \_ we "have to"? we "must"? why?                  -kchang
                 \_ because motd is unique and valuable and awesome and
                    it shouldn't die
                 \_ because the motd is (was) awesome
              \_ How did it arise in the first place? If you can get users
                 to provide compelling content and then invite more people,
                 then you can get it going again. I find the motd to be a
                 useful diversion, the quality of the posts is pretty high
                 for a anonymous system and it is very easy to use from work.
                 So go invite some of the old users to come back again, do
                 you need help tracking them down?
                 \_ yes. bring them back. maybe we could try by insulting
                    tom or psb and bringing them back. although I
                    a problem i suspect is that the system seems pretty
                    slow and maybe not capable of handling many
                    simultaneous users or something?
                    \_ worksforme
        \_ who is deleting this thread and why?
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