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2011/5/31-7/30 [Uncategorized] UID:54122 Activity:nil
5/31    The funeral for Euphrasia "ikiru@soda" Curvilinearjky will be held
        this Friday, June 3, at the San Francisco Columbarium at 2 pm. For more
        details, visit -eric
        \_  <-- never knew her,
           but this makes me very very sad
           \_ A beautiful eulogy, eric.
2011/5/31-7/30 [Industry/Startup] UID:54123 Activity:nil
5/31    Have you ever been in a company where there are many more talkers
        than doers (people who actually... WRITE CODE!!!)? What do you
        do in that situation? What if the management is more impressed
        with talkers than doers? What is that like for you?
           \_ LOL thanks for the link. Yes this is exactly what
              my company looks like. The CEO is friends with
              everyone who is not coding (they talk a lot).
        \_ yes, i have. just produce. the talkers will come to respect you
           and in time will respect your critical perspectives in
           response to their empty talk. but mainly just produce.
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