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2011/5/20-7/13 [Industry/Jobs] UID:54116 Activity:nil
5/20    "Lifeguards' high pay riles Calif. beach city" (
        $200K/yr for sitting above the beach and staring at chicks most of the
        time?  They aren't risking their lives as much as cops and firefighters
        do, and the don't serve a deterring purpose like cops do.
        \_ First, it's $100k in pay _and_ benefits, some of which may include
           a hefty life insurance policy and a superb health insurance policy.
           Next, it's $200k in two instances. Finally, I'm with you, sounds
           a bit high; what's the base salary, and why are they getting OT?
           I think this piece lacks substance sufficient for outrage.
        \_ it's a sinecure for the beautiful people.  We are paying them to
           be a role model for kids
        \_ The actual life guards are mostly paid by the hour, these are
           sort of the life guard managers. But it still seems like a lot
           of money to me.
2011/5/20-7/13 [Health/Disease/General] UID:54117 Activity:nil
5/20    CDC issues zombie apocalypse prepareness advice!
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