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2011/4/27-7/30 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:54096 Activity:nil
4/28    Will wall be fixed?   - jsl
        \_ What's wall?
           \_ An anachronism from a bygone era, when computers were hard to
              comeby, the dorms didn't have net, there was no airbears, and
              when phones didn't come standard with twitter or sms.
           \_ A non useful implementation of twitter.
              \_ Much like twitter itself
                 \_ Sounds like your peer group doesn't use twitter.
                    \_ Twitter isn't as interactive as wall was; it's
                       micro-blogging, not chat.  And most of it sucks.
                       #likethetagsforexample  -tom
                       \_ Some groups get really chatty, and being able to
                          use it over mobile devices is really useful for
                          on the spot hive-mind decisions. (where are we
                          going to eat now? what bar are we meeting at,
                          what did we change our minds about eating etc).
                          My only complaint is that long links are almost
                          always shortened, so be careful what you click on
                          (but that's pretty much the web these days). Clearly
                          YMMV based on your circle, as with all "groupware".
        \_ AGAIN, we don't know *how* to fix it, because no current student and
           no or few alumni for several years have ever used it regularly. If
           you want it fixed, we're willing to do it, but nut up and offer your
           help. Sorry, I've had a bad day. --toulouse (I'm on root)
           \_ I'd rather you guys focus time on providing non-duplicable
              services to the UCB _undergrad_ community at large (eg, focus on
              usenet, actual student help, etc) than attempt to reimplement
              functionality that is done do death by a Free Web App like
              twitter (or any of the social nets out there).  And again thanks
              for keeping soda up and around.
           \_ can you post the root password on motd please? Thanks.
              \_ vahmifqy -- you're welcome
           \_ Is this all it takes?  I did  one of the last major rewrites of
              'wall', I think all that is broken right now is its logging and
              log rotation -ERic (mehlhaff)
2011/4/27-7/13 [Health] UID:54097 Activity:nil
4/27    "Prince William involved in U.S. Coast Guard drug bust" (
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