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2011/4/16-7/13 [Computer/SW/Languages/Python] UID:54086 Activity:nil
4/16    Whoa, I just heard that MIT discontinued 6.001 (classic scheme)
        to 6.01. In fact, 6.00, 6.01 and 6.02 all use Python. What the
        hell? What has the world become? It's a sad sad day. SICP forever!
        \_ old story, they've ditched that shitty book and lang for a while.
        \_ I used to think scheme was cool, then I saw Ka Ping Yee's
           "Beautiful Code" class aka 61a in python, and converted.
        \_ "SICP Forever" means you weren't listening when UCB CS said
           "we are trying to teach you computer science independent of
           implementation, since implementation fads come and go."
            \_ Well played.
        \_ I know someone who was there for the first year they offered it.
           They made it optional, and the curriculum really sucked when they
           were just getting started, or so I hear. Shame to see it go, but I
           hope they've improved it since. Python can be a really beautiful
           language, albeit nowhere near as elegantly minimal and pure as
           Scheme - which IMO made it easier to teach/learn. --toulouse
           Clearly MIT disagrees with you. _/
        \_ Since 61a is a shallow copy of 6.001 -to the extent that harvey
           made us watch a lecture of the MIT class during our lecture- when
           will Cal start using python as well?
        \_ Makes sense, Sergei and Larry need python and java, not scheme.
        \_ Glad to see MIT is keeping up with the times, this is why it is
           the NUMBER ONE CS school in the WORLD. "It showed some f'n
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