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2011/3/17-31 [Recreation/Woodworking] UID:54060 Activity:nil
3/14    Some new report say that the damage to ports in Santa Cruz by the
        tsunami waves amount to $20M.  I don't know much about recreational
        sailing, but why would docks for leisure sailing, built by bundling
        lots of wood logs together, cost $20M?  It might be a lot of wood logs,
        but $20M sounds way too much.
        \_ so Santa Cruz wants a bailout.  I guess they feel entitled.
           \_ Santa Cruz brings so much to the nation!
              \_ I think everyone in CA should get a bailout, just for being
        \_ over inflated valuation.
        \_ yawn santa cruz yawn.
           \_ dude where can i score a dimebag
2011/3/17-31 [Uncategorized] UID:54061 Activity:nil
3/17    Does anyone know how to contact mogul? His .forward ain't working.
        \_ thanks guys --toulouse
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