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2011/2/21-4/20 [Industry/Jobs] UID:54045 Activity:nil
2/21    Public sector works are paid less than private sector workers with
        similar levels of education and experience:
        Warning, contains video with sound.
        \_ Which is irrelevant.  Public sector workers are paid by private
           sector workers.  Given the # of public workers, it's unsustainable.
           \_ Nah, if anything Americans are undertaxed compared to other
              advanced economies.
        \_ I <3 how the sodans I know who are in public sector have had stable
           jobs for what going on _two_decades_ while the priv sector ones have
           had rollercoasters of job hopping and ulcers.
           \_ ah yes I can see how all these depressed employees at Googleplex
              hate their careers, benefits and 20% hobbies. They should go to
              the big government so that they can feel happy doing outdated
              "jobs" from 9-5 and talk down on private sectors.
              \_ I didn't know we were talking about grad school.
           \_ Do you include the ones who are multi-millionaires and retired?
              \_ Nope, since the multi millionaires/retired at 30 people i know
                 are all super depressed and spend their time hopped up on
                 psych meds, oh and yeah they were all priv sector.  I'm
                 including tho all the people i know with well balanced lives
                 with good familial relationships, and chill lifestyles.
                 \_ but i WAAAAAAANT to carry my blackberry into the toilet
                    on vacation!!! i NEEEEEEED it!!!!
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