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2010/9/12-30 [Reference/BayArea] UID:53954 Activity:nil
9/12    Found three old computer-y books. Email me if you want them, don't post
        here, as I don't really check the motd anymore.
                Design Patterns
                (e|E)xtreme Programming (Installed|explained)
        You can pick them up either in SF (Haight) or South Bay (Cupertino).
        It's also great to see that people still don't respect motd write locks
        \_ You enter an older, more primitive world.
           \_ with twisty passages, all different.
        \_ no one cares about patterns. It's stupid. I refuse to hire any
           gen-Y who has a patterns book on his desk. They think it's the
           greatest thing in the world.
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