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2010/8/13-9/7 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:53924 Activity:nil
8/12    Ugg, no spamd any longer?  I figured I'd have to just give up on my
        soda address (sad, very sad) but Vacation doesn't seem to be installed
        either, so I can't even leave a mesg. to people telling them where
        tom mail me now.  Or can I ?  Any advice out there.  Or can we get
        spamassassin/spamd reinstalled or Vacation or... help....
        \_ Ha, gmail as spamassassin.  presently I am forwarding to gmail
           and then forwarding to where I really want it from there.
           don't know why I feel compelled to share my kludge. -top
        \_ Stop bitching and ask someone on root. I've emailed asking if this
           was intentional. Also, storing mail on soda has been deprecated for
           the past year and a half. Man up and .forward it already.
           \_you misunderstand.  I *have* been forwarding it already.  (for
             quite a long time).  But filtered I sent it through spamc first
             avoiding, among other problems, loops caused by my anti-spam
             service bouncing it when it is spam), now i am forwarding it
        \_ Apparently spamd was never even set up.
           \_ spamassassin used to work, back in the day.
              \_ back in the day when the roads in berkeley to silicon valley
                 venture funds were paved in gold, every startup IPOd and
                 moore's law worked
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2010:August:13 Friday <Thursday>