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2010/8/7-25 [Industry/Jobs] UID:53911 Activity:moderate
8/6     Slide acquired by Google:
        \_ Are you going to retire now? -ausman
           \_ No.  I'm not quite there yet.  But home ownership looks tempting.
        \_ Financially how much better was the exit vs. the amount you could
           have gotten working as a sysadmin in ucb?
           \_ I'm pretty sure UCB sysadmins don't have exits.  What's a
              typical UCB sysadmin make? -dans
                 \_ That's just mean. -dans
                    \_ not as mean as the things tom said to other people
                       in the past 2 decades or so.
                       \_ Call that a job perk.  The opportunity to bitch out
                          people on the motd.  +1 for UC Sysadmin job. -dans
                    \_ Probably overpaid given all the other benefits.
                 \_ I thought government workers were all overpaid. I just
                    looked up a CSUAer who works for the UC and he is making
                    about 2/3 what I would expect to pay for someone of his
                    skill and experince in the private sector. What gives?
                    \_ Offer him a job at the higher rate then. See if he
                       takes it.
                       \_ You are making the mistake of thinking all salary
                          and wages come in the form of cash.
                          \_ I am not sure if he would take the job or not.
                             It's a curious experiment. I think the one
                             making the mistake is the "2/3 salary" guy.
                             If the CSUAer could make 50% more in industry
                             then why isn't he? Could it be because he's
                             in a pretty cushy spot relative to industry?
                             \_ Sorry; clarification, i agree with you,
                                i don't agree with "all compensation is only
                                determined by the absolute value of my
                                paycheck" guy.  He is assuming many things;
                                the least of which is that everyone has
                                identical values.  I can give many instances
                                where people would opt for a lower "pay" but
                                more secure job: single parents (is only one
                              \_ Maybe he lives in East Bay and doesn't want
                                 to commute to Silicon Valley. Two extra
                                 hours a day of free time is worth a lot
                                 of money.
                           \_ I have a resume that came across my desk last
                              week which is a Berkeley sysadmin (not this guy).
                              I will probably give him a call. His stated
                              reason for his job search "The UC is not a good
                              place to work for right now." I notice most
                              employees haven't had a raise in four years.
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8/7     Why Google is in favor of "Net Neutrality"
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