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2010/7/29-8/9 [Uncategorized] UID:53903 Activity:nil
7/29    Anyone been to or heard things about "Walking With Dinosaurs: Live"?
        This seems so geared to 8 year old boys, but an acquaintance in med
        school in NYC actually recommended this to me so I am more
        interested than I might otherwise be. Will this be worth my time
        and money? I do like dinosaurs, but not as much as when I was 8.
2010/7/29-8/9 [Uncategorized] UID:53904 Activity:low
7/29    O great worshipful roots,
        can you please
        apt-get install libtool binutils-dev ruby1.9-dev libmagic-dev?
        Am doing some fun tinkering on the output of libopcodes-  Thx!
        \_ Paolo, your mac has ruby in it already.
        \_ Not if you request over motd. Try emailing root@csua.
           \_ Ah ok, policy shifted.
           \_ Who's on root these days? -!OP
              \_ Check /etc/motd. Derp derp.
2010/7/29-8/9 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:53905 Activity:nil
7/29    How do I get pine to work with mail? I have 1900 mails and I want
        to delete them. Or is there a better one to use? never learned
        \_ mutt
           \_ so why doesn't alpine work? What setting should I use to have
              it work with my csua mail folder? Thanks!
              \_ Use of maildir and apparently a still-broken SSL cert for mail
                 ...seriously, alpine just doesn't support Maildir.
        \_ Reply from root. At least I'm not the only one having issue.
        As far as accessing mail, your mailspool is still accessible via NFS
        on soda: /var/mail/username
        Of course, this mount is only accessible via soda,
        so if you're not using alpine on soda, you'll need to find a different

        I'd give you more details on configuring alpine to read mailspools,
        but I'm off work soon, and I won't be near a computer for a while
        afterwards. You should be able to google it - sorry for not having
        clear instructions handy.
        \_ Thanks for the detailed reply. I was able to delete my mails via
           mutt. Nice program. -op
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