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2010/7/27-8/25 [Politics/Domestic/California, Reference/Tax] UID:53900 Activity:nil
7/25    Is there a polite way to tell a recruiter "too busy at the moment
        but keep me in mind for future stuff."  Or  "not in that field at
        this exact moment but am switching positions over the next few
        months for your role, keep me in mind" ?  Thx.
        \_ You know what, recruiters have thick skins.  You won't hurt
           their feelings.  Go ahead, try, you can't possibly get them down.
           Tell them you have a job, and you'll keep them in mind next
           time you are unemployed.
        \_ I think you have it right there. Recruiters in general don't mind
           it if you are direct with them.
        \_ I had THREE different recruiters from Amazon at different
           quarters. Each time, I tell them "Sorry I have no interest
           in going to Seattle." The third time, I told them "I hate
           Seattle and if you want to attract real talent, setup an
           office in Silicon Valley. Stop bothering me." I finally
           got them to stop.
           \_ A co-worker of mine requested to be transferred from here to the
              Seattle branch of the company in the '90s so that he could avoid
              paying state income tax and maybe state capital gain tax on his
              huge stock earnings.
              \_ Word. Not to mention stupid CA laws.
              \_ I know a few people who moved to .ca just for that reason too.
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