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2010/7/5-20 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:53875 Activity:nil
7/5     I think this is the first time a CA cop has EVER been put on trial
        for murdering a black man.
        \_ Really?  CA cop, or CA white cop?
        \_ The case marked the first murder prosecution of an on-duty Bay Area
           police officer. Prosecutors rarely file charges against police for
           shootings. A Chronicle review of police use-of-force cases around
           the country found just six cases in the past 15 years - not
           including the BART shooting - in which murder charges had been filed.

           The cases, involving a total of 13 officers, typically resulted in
           large civil payouts to victims' relatives. However, none of the
           officers was convicted of murder and most were acquitted or
           cleared altogether. One pleaded no contest to manslaughter and
           got three years in prison.
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